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When the hair follicles in your skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells and bacteria, this creates acne. Changes in hormone levels, certain medicines, as well as stress can be potential causes. Oil of Wild Oregano & Black Seed Oil have incredible qualities that are suited to help aid in acne treatment.

Oil of Wild Oregano:

  • High antimicrobial activity
  • Natural Antiseptics
  • Anti-fungal properties

Black Seed Oil :

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • High antimicrobial activity
  • Wound healing qualities

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Cuts and Scrapes

When cuts are not properly cared for they can become infected.

Oregano oil is very effective against bacteria, showing that it is effective against 189 gram-negative and 135 gram-positive strains of locally prevalent pathogenic bacteria. Two groups with patients who had contracted  Staphylococcus aureus were treated with Oregano or Petrolatum. There was a 81% success rate amongst the Oregano treatment group, whereas the Petrolatum group only had a 59% success rate.


Antibacterial 3

Staphylococcal Infection

There are many different types of Staphylococci, however the most common type that causes infections in humans is Staphylococcus Aureus.

A major component of Oregano oil is Carvacrol, which is an isomeric phenol, and has been proven to be an effective antibacterial fighting many bacteria including Staphylococcus Aureus. It was shown to be as effective as well known antibiotics such as Streptomycin, Vancomycin and Penicillin. It was also shown that oregano was effective against strains of Staphylococci that were resistant to antibiotic.

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Influenza or more commonly known as the flu, is a serious illness. It is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause severe illness or even death. Oil of Wild Oregano & Echinacea Extract have incredible qualities that are suited to help aid in influenza treatment and prevention.

Oil of Wild Oregano:
-Within 15 minutes of exposure of Oregano oil to Murine Norovirus, the virus became inactive and irreversible damage was caused to the virus.

Echinacea Extract:
-The antiviral activity of Echinacea was shown effective against strains of human and avian influenza, herpes, respiratory syncytial virus, and rhinoviruses.

Antibiotic 2

Ear Infection

Ear infections can be caused by either bacterial or viral infections. The most common pathogens are Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas, and fungi such as Candida Albicans and Aspergillus.

Many scientific studies have shown the strong antimicrobial effect Oregano oil has against the previously mentioned bacteria.  More importantly, due to Oregano oil being a natural product, it does not develop antibiotic resistance.

There is literature supporting that use of the oil behind the ear on the mastoid bone makes its way to the middle ear region, making it perfect to getting down to the source of the problem.



Antibiotic 3Burns

Burns are devastating and traumatizing. Those with serious burn injuries require extreme care to reduce morbidity and mortality. With patients who have more than 40% of the total body surface area affected, 75% of all deaths were related to sepsis from the burn wound infection.

A study on oregano oil against pathogenic bacteria showed that whilst efficiently inactivating bacteria there was no evidence of resistance development.

The study also showed that when applying oregano oil topically to third-degree burn wounds the bacterial load was sufficiently reduced. It also showed no significant side effects on the skin histology or genotoxicity.

They concluded that oregano oil could be used as an alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of wound-associated infections.



Arthritis is a very common condition which usually develops over time, although it can also appear suddenly.

According to a study by Swiss researchers, Oregano is the "Ultimate inflammation
fighter", thanks to its active ingredient betacaryophyllin (E-BCP).

Oil of Wild Oregano is:
  • a potent anti-inflammatory
  • an excellent pain reliever

Anti-inflammatory 3

Irritable (Inflammatory) Bowel Disease (Syndrome)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD, is a chornic inlammatory disorder which effects the small and large intestines. The major types of IDB are Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Oregano oil has incredible ant-inflammatory properities and anti-spasmodic properties as proven in many studies. The exact causation of IBD is unknown, many agents such as bacteria, and viruses can trigger the inflammation.

Although there is a strong correlation between Crohns's Disease and the  Mycobacterium Avium Para tuberculosis bacterium. A bacteria that is extremely
difficult to eradicated, except for Oregano where it has been proven to effectively
eliminate this bacteria.

Oregano oil can effectively target the triggers as well as treating the inflammatory response the triggers cause.

Anti-inflammatory 2

Allergic Rhinitis

When an allergen, such as dirt, pollution, dander, or pollen causes a reaction this is known as allergic rhinitis. It causes inflammation of the sinuses which interferes with the normal drainage of mucus.

Oil of WIld Oregano contains an active ingredient called Rosmarinic acid which is proven natural antihistamine. It has shown in human trials to have anti-inflammatory action in the body for treating seasonal allergies. Unlike unnatural synthetic pharmaceutical antihistamines, Oil of Wild Oregano is effective without the side effects.

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Antifungal 2

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus or Onychomycosis, is a fairly common problem, yet can be quite difficult to treat. Many internal antifungals do not work as effectively due to the body's blood supply being relatively set apart from toenails. Hence strong antifungals that can be applied topically are the most effective solution to toenail fungus.

Oil of Wild Oregano contains Carvacrol which has fantastic antifungal
properties. A study performed by the Department of Horticulture and National Food
Safety and Toxicity Centre at the Michigan State University demonstrated that Carvacrol has very effective antifungal properties. It has also been shown that in comparison with other antifungal essential oils such as thyme and sage, oregano oil displayed the highest and broadest antifungal activity.




Oregano is undoubtedly one of the most potent natural antifungal agents. An advantage that oregano possesses against Candida is that the yeast doesn’t develop resistance against this particular antifungal, whereas other antifungals lose their efficacy against it.

Oil of Wild Oregano can help aid in Candida treatment as it is an:
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-sepctic

Antifungal 3

Athlete's Foot

Tinea pedis, otherwise known as Athlete's foot, is one of the most prevalent infections.
Treatment usually is the application or an antifungal agent either topically or orally, however these are generally treatments only generally reduce the fungus not completely eradicting it.

A study tested the effectiveness of essential oils in a foot bath to eliminate the fungus.
Their results showed the Oregano ranked highest amongst all 11 essential oils, with it killing 99.99% of the fungus within 20 minutes.




A parasite is an organism, plant or animal, that survives on or in a host organism and obtains its nutrients from that host. There are different cases of parasitism in which the interactions between the host and the parasite can be positive, negative, or neutral. These relationships can be permanent, such as tapeworms, or they can be temporary, such as leeches, ticks, or female mosquitoes. Parasites can be contracted via; Animals, Blood, Food, or Insects.

Oregano Oil has many therapeutic qualities that aid in the treatment of parasites:

  • Antiparasitic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibiotic

Antiparasitic 2

Head Lice

Even though lice and nits do not carry or transmit diease, they can cause the scalp to become incredibly itchy and can be quite pesky to completely eradicat from ones head as they can easily transfer from head to head.


  • Females lay 3-8 eggs every day
  • Eggs are sticky and are hard to brush out
  • Eggs hatch after 8 days and feed on the blood through your scalp
  • Lice live for 32-35 days

Oregano oil contains high concentrations of phytochemicals, phenols and flavonoids, all of which are highly effective at killing parasites, of which include head lice.

A study showed that an aqueous solution of Oregano oil effectively killed 100% of all adult lice, and when followed up by a rinse mixture of oil, malt vinegar and water 17 hours later 99.3% of the eggs died.

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Antioxidant 2

Free Radicals

There are many synthetic antioxidants used in the food industry, with the majority suspected to cause or promote negative health effects.

The results from a study, testing the antioxidant activity in Oregano oil showed that, the free radical scavenging capacity were concentrated mainly in constituent Thymol and that these values were similar to the synthetic antioxidant.

This indicated that oregano oil could be used in the food industry to delay lipid degradation, without the negative health effects associated with synthetic antioxidants.


Antioxidant ranking

Antioxidants are synonymous with good health, they are thought to prevent certain types of chemical damage caused by an excess of free radicals. Destroying free radicals may help fight cancer, heart disease and stroke.
The most active phenol component in herbs with the highest antioxidant activity was Rosmarinic acid, a strong antioxidant.
Oregano ranked highest in antioxidant activity above all other herbs tested.

The antioxidant activity in Oregano was:

  • 42 x more than apples
  • 30 x more than potatoes
  • 12 x more than oranges
  • 4 x more than blueberries